Airbnb Experience: Light Painting in Salento (Apulia)

Light Painting in Salento (Apulia)

How tourists in 2019 made my light-painting photo session part of their vacation

A couple years ago Airbnb (who does not know the number one service in the world for those looking for accommodation when traveling?) lanched, with a preliminary experimental phase in a few cities in the world, the Experiences.

For some time I kept an eye on this new feature even if in the first months it was a service limited to "famous" tourist areas such as Venice, Florence and Amalfi. When Airbnb extended the possibility to everyone (everywhere!) I immediately created the card following the guidelines, uploaded some photos and left it there. It was the end of August 2018, so my expectations were to receive only a reservation by the end of summer.

Instead, I had reservations all year long, until December, with someone who had the courage to challenge the cold winds on January 4th. With excellent feedback from all participants!

 Light Painting Airbnb Experience in Salento

 My Light Painting Experience

Light Painting in Salento is my Airbnb Experience, it is a photo shoot in a location chosen by me in agreement with the participants (generally, one of the beautiful places by the sea that are not in short supply in my part). A shooting that starts from blue hour (the half hour following sunset) and continues for a couple of hours.

During the Experience I briefly explain how the photos are taken and to the most interested on the technical side I explain how to manage the long exposure, the times, the camera settings etc. In truth, almost everyone is interested in creating something rather than the photography "class"!

That's why we immediately take action: I look for a place that allows us to move around a little and find numerous interesting corners from the point of view of the composition, we decide which pose to take and the Experience begins. The live preview of the shots on my smartphone is very useful, which I use as a remote control for the shots. It is one of the main aspects in my opinion because it immediately gives you an idea of what is being produced and the "Wow!" Is just around the corner.

light painting experience airbnb 2019

With light tubes you can create numerous shapes, not only the circle with which you are never wrong, as I often say. It depends on the pose and the composition of the photo itself which can also involve a couple. Thinking back, my Airbnb Experience has immediately become an opportunity for many couples in love to have a unique memory of their holiday together. Indeed, as the very nice Mason says in his review:

This Experience is one of the best ways to earn many boyfriend points towards your girlfriend.

My Airbnb Light Painting Experience gives me the opportunity to meet very nice people, to joke during the shots, to drink a glass of wine on the beach enjoying the starry sky and overall to contribute making their holiday in Puglia pleasant.

If you are interested in my Airbnb Experience: Light Painting in Salento, follow the link:!

What are Aribnb Experiences?

Experiences are activities of any type that can be attended by users staying in a specific area. It can be a tour of the less touristy areas of a city, an excursion, a painting or cooking class, a boat trip. The limit is one's inventiveness. The Experiences are not exclusive to the owners of an apartment, anyone can register by offering their own.

How to create an Airbnb Experience that works

  • Be original. For example, in Puglia, home cooking courses, wine tasting, excursions abound. Is there really any need for another experience similar to the existing ones?
  • Plan it down to the smallest detail. Airbnb users don't like to find what they don't expect. Explain everything down to the smallest detail and clearly warn of what could happen to unpleasant, and how to avoid it. Timetable, equipment that you will provide and that they will have to bring to them, location, activities.
  • Preview Photos. A trivial preview image will never attract anyone. Airbnb offers Experiences in the area where a guest resides through notifications via app, email, even after booking. If you don't catch a nice photo, you lose.
  • Preview Photos, part 2. Take some photos showing the activity that characterizes your Experience. A behind the scenes, practically.
  • Calendar. If you plan 2 dates in the next 2 months, Airbnb will never give you confidence by showing you among the first results. Plan a full month or two full and reservations will not fail.
  • Point to a five-stars review. Airbnb users love to leave positive reviews. We are not on Trip Advisor. Don't disappoint them, get them involved and entertain them. If empathy isn't your forte, forget it.

Update in 2022: I had 20 five-stars reviews so far (100% of total), met a lot of wonderful people from all over the world and looking forward to another fantastic season this year!