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About Sublument

Inspired by a desire to make something visually unique, I created Sublument - an exploration of light-painting techniques. Through its development and completion, it has truly become the product of passion and creativity.

Taking inspiration from the striking imagery created by Montreal artists Eric Paré and Kim Henry, I had an opportunity to bring my own vision alive in Salento (Italy). Using their groundwork as a foundation for creative exploration, I aimed to capture emotion-laden moments that transport viewers into another space.

I am proud to present Sublument, the light-painting photography project I've been developing since 2017. People have shown great curiosity and appreciation for this artform which involves me taking photos in complete darkness surrounded by a moving source of light - usually flashlights! It's practically like painting with brushstrokes but instead using lights as my medium of creativity.

Performance on social media

My Sublument project reached (organic) on 11th January 2023:

  • 8.5 million views on Instagram
  • 6.6 million views on TikTok
  • 6.3 million accounts reached on Instagram
  • 1.1 Million Likes on TikTok
  • 85k followers on Instagram
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Do you know what Sublument means?

Light Painting Sublument

Since 2017, this work has garnered curiosity and favor from the public. Light-painting is in itself a suggestive technique. The place where the photos are taken is completely dark and the framed subject is surrounded by a moving light source. Usually, flashlights are used and it is called painting because, just as an artist paints with a brush, the artist/photographer draws the movement of light through these particular lights.

Collaborations and publications

For me the ideal set of Sublument is among the hidden shores of Salento. Here the human figure finds a perfect natural frame. The emotion is contagious and involves not only artists and photographers. In 2018 a couple of tourists in Salento for a holiday asked me to make a unique photo shooting with this very particular technique. It was only the beginning.

Sublument's work begins to attract international stars as well. This is the case of Alexis Fawx, who flies from Las Vegas to Salento to collaborate with me. Amateur Photographer Magazine features me in an article dedicated to light-painting as one of the six leading experts in this technique.

With great surprise, I found myself next to my inspirer and "teacher" Eric Parè (Canada). Among others, there are important personalities of international photography: Daniel Gonzàlez Garcia (Mexico), Dennis Wolf (Germany), Rod Evans (Australia) and Katrina Brown (USA).

In 2022, I was honored to have one of my works featured as an inspiring example for creative light-painting photography in Alyn Wallace's groundbreaking book on astro-photography - Photographing the Night Sky. This encyclopedic work dives into all aspects of landscape astrophotography, taking readers through 500 pages and 9 chapters packed with essential insight into topics like equipment selection, camera settings, and long exposure techniques used to create stunning night sky images.

Light Painting Sublument

Development of the project Sublument

Andrea Riezzo's light-painting and his Sublument project reach its peak in September, when the beaches are no longer besieged by tourists but the mild climate and a light breeze coming from the sea offers the ideal atmosphere to create unique shots.

The voice spreads like the moving light in Andrea's shots. So many people come in Puglia to discover enchanted and hidden places, where the night acts as the background to dreams and emotions. A love story, a path to find each other, an experience, a journey to a distant country... All this is told by Andrea with a technique that transforms light into shapes and geometries, thanks also to the long nights spent on the beach shooting with his friends.

Another very special tool that the artist knows how to masterly juggle in light-painting are the pyrotechnic effects, the "fountains of light" and the sparks used in parties. They give a unique effect and enrich the designs made with light tubes.

Finally, the most "extreme" tool such as steel wool. In this technique, the play of light is dictated by fire, for a more dramatic effect given by the steel made incandescent.

Light Painting Sublument

Avoiding human footprint

Light pollution and the increasingly pressing human footprint can threaten the yield of a good photo. In order to obtain the unique suggestion that only light-painting shots can give, only the stars need to be around.

This is just the beginning of the journey. Today there is a new stage, fundamental not only for the life of Andrea and the Sublument project. With the new website dedicated to the project, now the idea is to spread photographic works of art created with this technique through NFTs.

Thus, these evocative shots will not only be the result of a commission but will be recognized as digital works of art and the new website accompanies this challenge towards the future.

Light pollution, on the other hand, disturbs the composition and "extinguishes" the magic that is revealed in front of the lens. In addition, there are times when it is not possible to take a photo outside, because the beaches are full of tourists. Human footprint therefore plays an important role and not just as the subject of the photos.

Sublument's works of art are also an invitation to preserve the charm of Salento, to really make it available to the whole world. Nature does not discount: Man decides its fate. Andrea has chosen to tell it with photographic works of art, bravely facing the challenges of the future and choosing a unique point of view with an exceptional brush: light.

The Sublument project is ready to face the present and the future with an extra momentum, strengthened by its story.