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An Italian light-painter on Amateur Photographer Magazine

I had the honor of being part of a rich article on Amateur Photographer magazine dedicated to light-painting with numerous tips from the experts of this technique-art.

Yes, I was part of the experts and I'm so proud of this.

On Valentine's Day I received, instead of a love letter, an email from Tracy Calder, Technique Editor at Amateur Photographer, a magazine almost unknown in Italy but which boasts a large following in Great Britain and other European countries such as Germany.

In the email Tracy told me that I was selected for a piece that will feature a series of tips from six experts from all over the world about how to do light-painting photography and pushing creativity and technique to the maximum. Incredulous, I selected some shots and provided a short bio and six tips.

After a month, here is the issue of the March 14, 2020 issue of Amateur Photographer Magazine with a wonderful creation by the light-painter Katrina Brown (USA) on the cover. Plus, my master Eric Parè (Canada), Daniel Gonzàlez Garcia (Mexico), Dennis Wolf (Germany) and Rod Evans (Australia) are presented in the article.

The Light Brigade is the title of the article, made of artists literally from all over the world... and me "representing" Italy in some way. How can I not be proud of it?

light painting

My tips on how to do Light-Painting

  • Choose well the materials to use, both for the subject and for the location
  • Light up the subject with your light-painting tools
  • Stay Focused: during a light-painting session you have to deal with many aspects and coordinate everything
  • Use your territory: explore, observe, carry out night inspections to find interesting locations and spots suitable for your sessions
  • Study your self-built tools: it's fun to find new solutions to achieve a result and stimulate your creativity

Some topics have already been addressed in some of my articles published on

  • Light-painting: how to
  • Light-painting: the basics

The article also mentions my activity for Airbnb Experience, in which I take tourists to the coasts of Salento (and Puglia) to create unique photos with the light-painting technique.

You can read the article in its online version on AP's official website by following this link: Light painting: ideas and advice from the experts

Amateur Photographer is a weekly magazine distributed in the UK but available via subscription to receive it printed at home or in digital copy.

Thanks again to Tracy and greetings to the light-painters featured in this article!