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A week of light-painting with Alexis Fawx

One morning I receive a direct message on Instagram, a request for collaboration. Nothing new, it is not the first time, but after connecting the brain to the eyes I realized that the request came from a celebrity.

She's Alexis Fawx, a real star known all over the world and an established professional in the adult entertainment industry.

She immediately tells me that she appreciates my works and would fly in Salento to work and create something new with me. I hardly believe it. We promise to keep in contact in the following months to plan everything, approximately after the summer.

My summer passes quickly, full of light-painting sessions with models, dancers and tourists intrigued by my light-painting experience. Time flies ... And when the time to work with Alexis Fawx come... I can't wait to start!

The period from late September to early October here in Salento is excellent for many reasons.

The sun is still warm, the weather almost summer and the evenings cool and windy. (Wise) Tourists enjoy Lecce and Salento in total tranquility, avoiding the boom of the previous months and the sultry heat. The semi-deserted coasts are the perfect set for our light-painting sessions. What else?

alexis fawx

Alexis stayed for about a week in Lecce and surroundings and since the first moment I wanted to get her in "my world" made of excursions on the cliffs at sunset, starry skies, bright tubes and rains of steel wool.

I remember the first light-painting session near Porto Cesareo, still with jet-lag and very tired from the long intercontinental flight, ready to experience the first shots dressed in white. A true professional!

The second day, with all the features of the summer if it wasn't that we were in October, we were on the east coast, near the Baia dei Turchi (Otranto).

alexis fawxalexis fawx

With the precious help of my assistant Roberta we worked for hours, from sunset until late in the evening, braving the humidity and the cold. We have created infinite shots with steel wool and light tubes. Alexis was truly enchanting and wore clothes designed especially for her.

Third day, we literally challenged the elements on the magnificent Sant'Andrea stacks. Wind, rough sea, rocks, distant thunderstorms that kept us under a bit of pressure to avoid being "hit" by a storm without shelter.

Here too, Alexis, enchanted by the small caves carved into the karst rock, has shown us how she is a real goddess of fire!

alexis fawx

In October the temperatures drop slightly, in the sense that you can no longer think of summer ... how strange eh? So in the following days we suffered more from the temperatures, not as mild as in the past, but only because the light-painting photos provide very light clothing in order to make the most of the light that bounces off the skin. On the other hand, we had a crazy sky as a background.

Penultimate day of light-painting: I choose the cliff under the tower called Torre Uluzzo, on the edge of Porto Selvaggio. A very high wall of rock protects us from the north wind and Alexis wears a fantastic black dress. I, after using the orange tube, experiment with the short tube. The sunset and the stars did the rest.

alexis fawx

Last day, unfortunately. Let's go back to Porto Selvaggio in a small bay below Serra Cicora. The sky is a little cloudy and the Moon is about to go down. A crazy scenario in which Alexis still demonstrates her professionalism by looking for the perfect pose, the definitive shot before visiting the small but pretty historic center of Nardò.

Alexis Fawx has proven to be a great woman. Serious, professional, very focused on what she wants to achieve, very nice and simple. Quality not easy to find in such a famous person ... and when I say famous it means that even today after months I receive requests from his fans who want to know him!

Who knows if I will be able to work with her again, perhaps in a light-painting session in the Nevada desert. I hope so much ... and even now I have to realize that I had a great opportunity. Thanks Alexis!

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