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A week of light-painting with Alexis Fawx

It was an ordinary day until I received a direct message on Instagram. Little did I know that the sender would become my collaborator - Alexis Fawx, one of the world's most renowned adult entertainers! She appreciated my artwork and offered to fly me out to Salento so we could create something new together.

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alexis fawx

During her stay in Lecce, I wanted to welcome Alexis into the amazing world of sunsets atop cliffs and star-filled skies. We started with a light painting session at Porto Cesareo - despite her jet lag after flying such an long distance, she still managed to be true professional! On day two we were lucky enough for perfect summer weather as we visited Baia Dei Turchi (Otranto).

alexis fawx

Working with my invaluable assistant Roberta, we persevered from dusk 'til late on a humid and chilly night to create extraordinary images using steel wool and light tubes. Alexis embodied these shots in her custom made clothing - looking simply stunning!

Our third day was spent amongst the awe-inspiring Sant'Andrea stacks where we battled against windy conditions as distant thunderstorms loomed ominously over head. In this captivating backdrop, Alexis truly blossomed; she showed us all how much of an elemental goddess she is by embracing fire within its unique karst rock caves!

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alexis fawx

On my penultimate day of light-painting, I made sure to capture the moment in a stunning location. Torre Uluzzo sat atop a cliff at Porto Selvaggio with an incredible rock wall offering protection from strong north winds. My beautiful model Alexis wore an elegant black dress while I experimented with various lighting tools - orange tube first and then short tubed afterwards! The combination of sunset colours and twinkling stars really completed this breathtaking scene perfectly.

alexis fawx

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It was the last day of our shoot, and what a way to end it: visiting Porto Selvaggio in its small bay below Serra Cicora. A classic yet unique shooting experience as we watched dusk fall under cloudy skies with Alexis at the helm exhibiting her steadfast professionalism all throughout-- that is something I won't soon forget!

The visit wouldn't be complete without exploring Nardò's petite but incredibly charming historic center before calling it a wrap. To have worked alongside someone like Alexis Fawx - dedicated and purposeful while also possessing genuine kindness and simplicity - has been nothing short of incredible; here's to many more memories together.

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