light-painting photo honeymoon

Airbnb Experience: Light-painting experience in Honeymoon, unique photos for lovely couples visiting Salento.

What to expect from my Airbnb Light-painting Photographic Experience in Salento (Puglia). Two years ago, when I started my experience using the light-painting photographic technique, my idea was to propose an unusual photo shooting that could enrich the stay of the various tourists visiting Puglia every summer.

I did not invent anything new because I take guests to the places I always use for my photos, by the coast. We see the twilight while getting ready and then start shooting under the wonderful starry sky, the moon, and using the water reflections . I already knew all those places, with the only difference being that instead of working with "my" girls ... the subjects are tourists!

 Light-painting under the stars

Visiting the coast at night is wonderful, but perhaps it makes those who are unfamiliar with the place uncomfortable.

It's not (potentially) safe to walk by night in a deserted area, without appropriate clothing and equipment (light-painter torches are also very useful for this). In this way I act as a "guide" and take them to admire the stars, the pleasant sound of the sea. Not bad, right?

 Light-painting photos for Honeymoon!

What I didn't expect is the success of the experience for couples on vacation. Usually they book the light-painting experience one or two days before departure to have a unique memory... and often they are sorry not to have tried it before!

During the summer of 2019 I had the pleasure of having the light-painting experience with various couples, but one with whom I bonded and had a lot of fun was the one composed by Kris and Joel, from Portland (USA). Also because it was their honeymoon!

A wonderful night with new moon is the scenario of our light-painting experience. I brought them near the Palude del Capitano in Sant'Isidoro, a location within the Marine Protected Area that I use very often as a location for my photo sessions.

Kris and Joel are a very sweet couple, they enjoyed the evening and the walks among the bushes of Mediterranean scrub. Surely they also appreciated the bright torches provided because it was pitch dark! Between a laugh and the other we took some very special photos, using the milky way and the Ursa Major clearly visible.

What to expect from my Airbnb Light-Painting Experience My Airbnb Light-Painting Eperience is also an opportunity to make friends, if the guests are obviously willing to share a moment other than a common photo shoot. It was the case of our newlyweds from Portland, really nice and very interested in knowing more about our territory.

I don't want to be rhetorical but the Light-Painting Eperience is also an opportunity for me to enrich my person, to offer unique content for those who choose to participate and meet fantastic people. Just like Kris and Joel.

See you at the next Light-Painting Experience! Do you want to join?

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