Light Painting when it's freezing cold: some advices

As you can see, the photos are taken on the seashore, or in any case outdoors. A pleasant situation only if there are more than 25°C, especially for photographed subjects who usually wear very light clothes.

Shooting by the sea also means suffering from high humidity after hours of activity. However, we managed to shoot in adverse conditions, even in the middle of winter and with a crazy wind. The trick is to cover yourself well and at the right time.

Let's start with me, the photographer-light painter. Aside from heavy and dark clothing (for obvious reasons) I would say that the important thing is to use a pair of winter photographer gloves that allow you to keep your hands warm by finding out when you need the tip of your index finger and thumb.

 Photographer gloves

My advice is to use warm and very practical Easy Off Gloves. The end of the index finger and thumb (on both hands) is magnetic, so you can easily discover and cover your fingers. Well spent money, in my opinion.

What do they have compared to the usual tactile gloves found around? They are warmer, stronger and more durable. I need them to be able to quickly adjust (when it's cold every second is precious) and to control the shot in long exposure remotely via app on the smartphone.

Fleece blanket

A piece of advice that may seem trivial. Often the portrayed girl has bare shoulders and is dressed very light. The cold and wind can annoy especially in the downtime when you set the camera, adjust the shooting settings, the position etc. In those endless minutes you don't need to die of cold but you have to have something that can be removed in a moment, and then cover yourself again.

I recommend a nice fleece blanket. Black. Simple, right?

A video by Eric Parè shows how they created a blanket with clips in order to have a sort of heavy cloak. But he and Kim take pictures in really extreme conditions, so I leave the decision up to you.

In general, it is also ok to use a heavy jacket: I hold it with my arm that does not move the light tubes during light painting. Unpractical solution because you risk not hiding well during shooting in long exposure, and because it can slip for some reason and end up in water, mud etc.

 Waterproof shoes

Third clothing tip: waterproof shoes. Any model is fine, from amphibians to trekking models (which I prefer). Even the girls wear them to be sure not to get their feet wet and to position themselves in corners that are not exactly comfortable. The long skirt will hide everything. I use the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX, very comfortable and robust.

Some advices about light painting outdoors or by the sea

  • Never underestimate the weather conditions
  • Avoid proximity of storms with lightning
  • Stay focused so you can suffer later (hahaha)
  • Bring some hot drink to keep you warm

The satisfaction of returning home and taking unique photos will be priceless!