The Best Light-Painters on Instagram 2019

The #lightpainting hashtag has over a million posts. But what are the profiles not to be missed?

Light Painting is a term often abused, so much so that on social media we find a bit of everything. In this post I will list the profiles not to be missed for the quality of the content offered, get inspiration and learn new techniques. They are not only foreigners, there is also some Italian name!

1 - Eric Parè and Kim Henry My main source of inspiration first and capable of building an international community of artists and enthusiasts. He perfected the technique of light tubes with settings, materials, accessories and ... extreme locations. A steel couple able to fascinate with their almost perfect creations. What I appreciate most about them is the very calm, confident attitude, far from the rhetoric of the "wizard" light painter.

They are number one at the moment. I'll talk about Eric and Kim in more depth in a future post, here's where to follow them on Instagram: → @ericparephoto → @ → @lightpaintingtubes → @litbyhand

2 - Zach Alan

Master of light painting with fire (explained very well on YouTube), it is excellent with the light tubes used with warm colors and in the rainbow version (self-built). Not to be missed. → @zshtx 3 - Russell Klimas - lightnlense One of the most productive light painters at the moment. Great creative, experimenter of mixed techniques, he also boasts a featuring on Petapixel thanks to his light painting with the help of a drone.

I love his storytelling that accompanies the photo sessions often set in extreme places. Great person, great artist. → @lightnlense

4 - Efren Herrera and Melissa Meyer A consolidated duo in the world of light painting, they create content both in the studio and outdoors with excellent photographic compositions.

Efren is a specialist in low light portraits, Melissa is a dancer who adds emotion to the light painter's creations. → @theefrenherrera → @themelissameyer

5 - Zo After Dark

I don't know the real name of this Chicago light painter but I've been following him for a couple of years. He is certainly one of the best, very active in content production and looking for new places and techniques.

He is also the admin of a feature-profile dedicated to Steel Wool called Windycityspinners. → @zo_after_dark

6 - John Kukkerig

Active on Instagram for about a year, he has been able to capture attention despite the few followers. Remarkable the cleanliness of their photos, the composition and the expertly dosed colors. → @ 7 - Sergei Savenko - Fondrakes

Fondrakes has been creating fantastic content on the web for quite some time and has approached light painting with excellent results. Both his personal and professional profile are full of interesting ideas for creativity and finding inspiration.

I think it deserves an extra 10k followers. → @fondrakes → @FONDphoto

This is my very personal list, nothing definitive, maybe in the future I will add someone else.

But remember to also follow @sublument !