Light-Painting Tubes

What light tubes do I use for my photos

Light Painting: What Light I Use and How To Create Your Own

Have you ever seen a light-painting photo on Sublument's social profiles, and wondered what kind of light was used to create it? If you’re looking for ways to take your photography and light-painting skills to the next level, then this blog is for you. I want to share my expertise and tell you how I create professional quality light-painting photos using the best tools available.

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Pre-Made Light Painting Tubes

The lights I use are called light-painting tubes. They are purchased from the website (link below) and come in various colors and materials that can be used to diffuse light in different ways. They offer top notch materials and quality, plus they ship worldwide so anyone can purchase them. You can find out more about their products by visiting their ecommerce website and checking out all the product details.

Go to


The Tubes I use are: MWT, HOP, HSG, MOR, HRP

DIY Light Painting Tubes

I also like to experiment by creating my own custom DIY light-painting tubes using a combination of transparent acrylic tubes, colored film, or translucent materials on top. This gives me the freedom to mix and match different colors and shapes until I get exactly what I'm looking for in my photos.

How Does It Look on Social Media?

When people see my photos on TikTok or Instagram they often ask what kind of light saber do I use? The truth is that I'm not a Jedi master!

Taking professional quality light painting photos doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive if you know where to look for the right tools.

Using specialized lighting equipment such as light painting tubes from websites like is essential if you want your work to stand out from others who are just starting out in this field. As long as you have some creativity and an eye for detail, anyone can create beautiful photographs with nothing more than some strategically placed lights!


One more thing: about the sparklers on top

I buy common sparklers, like the ones that you put on top of birthday cakes. They can be attached to light-tubes with some duct tape or, a more practical solution, using the plastic holders used for bottle necks.