light-painting PCTO Ferrara

A light-painting workshop at the Liceo Artistico in Ferrara

April 2021, full pandemic. The possibility of "challenging" a situation never experienced before in order to meet many young people full of creativity and desire to experiment with photography and light-painting at school.

It was a pleasure to meet and create with all of you, to let you try my light-painting tools and some "tricks" to create the basic figures. All the photos were made by them, I only provided advice on poses and light shapes. As you can see, the results are very good! Some photos are truly remarkable!

Here is the article from the official website:

The PCTO Project "Artistic photography with the light-painting technique" is a workshop promoted by Prof. Errico within the 3 ^ D and 4 ^ D classes of Graphic course of the Liceo Dosso Dossi, which introduces the photographic technique of shooting. in long exposure and the art of "drawing" with a light source.

Light-painting combines the ability to create figures visible only to the camera sensor with the knowledge of the basics of photography (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, composition) and post-production with professional software.

The workshop covers the three parts of the "training": a first part is dedicated to theory, in order to make people understand what "long exposure shot" means and how to adjust the camera based on the ambient light. The central part is the activity in the laboratory with the students personally tested on the creative and physical side. The shots, the poses of the subjects, the drawings with light are made entirely by them under the supervision of the expert and the teacher who suggest how to set the shot or highlight critical issues in order to solve and create something unique.

Third part is the phase of elaboration and modification of the photos with Adobe Photoshop in order to improve colors, exposure and correct the micro-defects found. Final bonus is a guide on how to show your artistic works on the Web.

On the cover image: Federica, the very first girl to pose and create. Below is a quick video with all the participants:

Thank you! Andrea