The first Collection: Women of Light Painting on Foundation

8 Pieces minted and available

NFT light-painting collection

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The photography world is constantly evolving and the art form that is achieving more and more attention through the years is Light-Painting.


The Sublument project was 'born' in 2017 and is based on the light-painting technique. Created by Andrea Riezzo, it means experience, creativity, technique and passion for night photography. And it acts as expression of his work as a visual artist. In this project, the soul of the light-painter is palpable. Sublument is constantly growing but art needs support.

What is light-painting

Light-painting is a photographic technique that uses the dark to create unique photos. It is a real art form, due to the combination of light and darkness. The final effect lies in the ability of the photographer who moves a light source during the photo shoot like a 'brush'.


Anyone can invest and support the Sublument project and the art of light-painting

Non Fungible Token, is the modern way to invest and support art. The NFT is a cryptographic token, owner of certified authenticity and linked to a blockchain of a physical or digital assets. The advantage of these tokens is that they are not interchangeable. If this makes you think about cryptocurrencies, this is not the case. NFTs run through applications and require the uniqueness of objects such as works of art, games and collections, cryptographic or digital.

The goal is to ensure the uniqueness of the content presented on websites and apps so that there are no intermediates and its contents, movements and owners can be tracked and verified.

NFTs & Digital art

The vantages of NFTs and blockchain encouraged many artists to look into this technological aspect. Unfortunately, prior to the NFT there was no concrete way to affirm ownership or establish its authenticity.

Prior to this age, an artist could create fascinating works without obtaining remuneration. The only gain came from related advertising or brands. If the work was not protected and authenticated, anyone could have 'stolen' it or simply downloaded it. To date, thanks to the blockchain, it is possible to have a decentralized system that allows secure exchanges of digital data. Through this , the artist receives a smart contract that certifies ownership, so that it can be sold on the digital marketplace.

Art needs to defend its uniqueness and authenticity and NFTs with the right Smart Contract are the modern way to regulate its spread, costs, license. Security is based on the decentralization of blockchains.