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Women of light-painting

The photographic portrait of a woman surrounded by a dance of light trails. It's the magic of light-painting.

In front of the open shutter of the camera, movements take place over a period of time. These leave trails that will be captured by the camera and will give life to bright compositions.

The light trails enhance the images that emerge from darkness. The images that the light-painter wants be immortal.

Andrea Riezzo is a visual artist who embraced the light-painting technique with the photographic project called Sublument, born in 2017. Light-paintings that are mainly based on the use of a light-tube that Andrea wisely uses like a painter's brush, creating drawings that form are subject of his night photos.

Pieces of art that are refined day after day, become more refined and open to new imaginaries, a continuous growth that has led Sublument and its visual artist to make many transformations, arriving at the elegance and sinuosity of the female body.

Andrea has in fact dedicated most of the works of his project to the woman who emerges from the darkness and becomes the protagonist of the scene.

light painting

Light-painting: portraits of light

Light-painting is just that: painting with light. Portraying the female forms that seem to sway wrapped in these light beams designed by the light-painter. Creations that are born by moving a light source and taking advantage of the long exposure photographic shot.

It is the result of the techniques, creativity and inspiration of the light-painter who carefully chooses the right place within his work and its protagonists must take place. In Sublument are the beaches of Salento and the hidden shores of Puglia, nocturnal settings where the light is able to express itself at its best.

The protagonists, on the other hand, are women. Different by age and by aesthetic traits. Female figures who gave life to unique and suggestive images.

Photographic portraits that are a perfect balance between light and shapes. Riezzo's aim is to portray women far from the stereotyped beauty standards. Women with different stories, told by photography and by the lights of light-painting, capable of making them flourish in their beauty and sensuality beyond age or physical body.

A portrait of the deepest essence, of the allure that has little to do with aesthetics. Photos in which it's not the body speaking but the feelings they give.

In Sublument there is a strong link with the idea of a woman and a beauty that goes beyond the body. A beauty enhanced by the light but also by the territory.

light painting

The representation of women in art

Woman in art and photography has always followed predefined aesthetic canons. The female figure since the rock paintings has always been the subject of representation. Venus, saints or goddesses, idealized figures. With photography the figure and the female body became real.

Photographic portraits, more than any other form of art are a mirror that reflects the image of femininity and the shapes of women. But photography is also able to capture deep feelings, it is able to represent the soul. Not a static image as much as the representation of the emotion that the photographed body or face can convey.

In Sublument there is a strong link with the idea of ​​a woman and a beauty that goes beyond the body. A beauty enhanced by the light but also by the territory. The locations chosen by Andrea are the most evocative beaches of Salento and the most enchanting shores of Puglia. Settings suitable for bringing out everything that goes beyond aesthetic forms and embraces an idea of ​​discreet beauty, which emerges delicately. A beauty that amazes, attracts attention and is independent of aesthetic canons, assuming they still make sense today.

Andrea with his work wants to research and immortalize all that is hidden and surprising, that catches the eye with harmony. In his photographs, light and movement come together in a perfect balance of bodies dancing around suggestive landscapes.

light painting

Women in the light-painting experience

The light-painting experience allows each woman to stand out the goddess in her. Some protagonists defined the Sublument experience in this way, underlining this feeling, describing the light-painting experience as something intimate, a discovery of a new being.

Allowing yourself to be portrayed surrounded by the play of light means experiencing a different image of yourself. Getting to know each other better thanks to an unusual scenario that is different from everyday life allows you to let yourself go completely to that light that overshadows the physical aspect and highlights the soul.

A story of oneself to be kept forever, in an image.

light painting