Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Tripod

Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Tripod is my choice for light-painting on the go

Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod: The Ideal Companion for Photographers and Videographers on the Go

Traveling light and moving fast is the name of the game for photographers and videographers who are always on the move. However, capturing breathtaking moments requires stability, something that can be hard to come by when equipment is bulky and heavy. But with the Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod, travelers can now capture stunning pictures without weighing down their bags.

Being a game-changer in the industry, this tripod puts a premium on fast and versatile deployment, making it the perfect fit for anyone who loves traveling light. Read on to find out more about my opinions about Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Tripod.

Small size and robust deisign

Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Tripod

The Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod is the best of both worlds: lightweight and durable. The tripod's carbon fiber construction allows it to weigh only 1 kg (1.8) pounds, making it a perfect traveling companion. Its adjustable height from 15 cm to 156 cm (49 inches) ensures that you can capture images or videos from various angles with ease. Moreover, the tripod comes with a sandblasting process finish, making it resistant to scratches and wear and tear.

The tripod's versatility is unbeatable, thanks to the five-section leg design.

Arca-Swiss plate and Secure Leg Locks

Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Tripod

Equipped with an Arca-Swiss quick release plate, this tripod is fully compatible with L-brackets (like the one I use for my camera), allowing you to seamlessly switch between shooting in vertical or horizontal mode. While some reviewers have noted that the plate is small, it is fully functional and perfectly suited for travel photography.

The Secure Leg Locks feature also ensures a tight grip that provides extra stability and prevents the tripod from wobbling.

Perfect for long exposure photography

Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Tripod

Long exposure photography can be a tricky technique to master, but with the right equipment, it's a breeze. That's where the Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y comes in, with its five-section leg design and secure leg locks that provide the stability needed for those all-important long exposures.

Ideal for my light-painting tour

I recently brought this tripod with me to France for a light-painting tour full of outdoor sessions, and I was blown away by how easy it was to use since the first time. Not only is it incredibly stable, but it's also extremely easy to handle, which is essential when you're trying to capture the perfect shot in the dark, often in a non-comfortable position.

Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Tripod

I was so happy for having it in my luggage and its small format fit without any problem.


The Ulanzi Zero Y & Coman Lightweight Travel Tripod is a must-have for anyone interested in photography or videography. Its features and benefits give it an edge over other tripods on the market.

Not only is it incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry around, it also has versatile features that allow me to capture stunning photographs and videos on the go. What's more, it is affordable, making it a great investment for budding content creators who are looking to up their game.

While there are other options on the market, such as the Peak Design travel compact tripod and the Sirui AM-284, the Ulanzi Zero Y stands out for me. It is 50% cheaper than the Peak Design tripod and, in my opinion, has a superior design. Meanwhile, the Sirui AM-284 is a great option for light-painting outdoor photography, but for my project Sublument, the Ulanzi Zero Y is the clear winner.

If you are interested in long exposure and outdoor light-painting, the Ulanzi Zero Y Lightweight Travel Tripod is absolutely a must-have.

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